New: Ad group targets displayed at campaign level

28. September 2017

We’ve implemented two small but useful details at the Adference Bid Management interface that will make working with the tool even more comfortable. Recently, we’ve added a new alert to the campaign overview that will let you know whether there are active targets at the ad group level within a campaign. If ad group targets are available, a green alert indicating the number of ad group targets will appear.

Which conclusions can be drawn from the alert?

Letting you know what number of ad group targets there are in campaign will help you get an idea of the actual effect that changing the superordinate campaign goal would have on the campaign. In this context you need to keep in mind that previously defined ad group targets remain the same when changing campaign level goals. However, if you change the bidding strategy (i.e. from CPA to CRR), all of your targets at ad group level are deleted.


The second adjustment at the user interface cleans up your ad group list: Inactive elements are blinded out. This is intended to help you to focus on your active campaigns while, of course, leaving the option open to manage your paused ad groups on the Google AdWords interface.

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