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Bid adjustments across all device types

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Better Performance for Google Shopping & Search

Adference manages and optimizes your bids for Google Shopping and Text Ads. We achieve the maximum number of conversions or the maximum return on the basis of your desired average Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) or your Return On Investment (ROI / CRR). Self-learning algorithms comprise the core of our bid management technology: the less information on a keyword or product, the stronger the influence of external data sources on the bid.

Automated Shopping Campaign Management

Lay a strong foundation for the high performance of your Google Shopping campaigns by having the right setup: Adference creates, manages and updates Google Shopping campaigns automatically, reliably and flexibly according to your requirements. Create adjustable campaigns and arrange them by product type, product category, custom label, brand and more. We build campaigns that enable individual, product-level bids and that are up-to-date at all times. Our technology recognizes changes such as variations in price instantly. Whenever new products are added to your Google Merchant Center, our system makes sure your campaigns and bids are adjusted accordingly.

Predictive Shopping Bids

Products can be similar in color, brand and price. Adference product bids arise from a dynamic approach based on Bayesian statistics that has been especially adapted for Google Shopping to ideally combine information from unique product performance and product characteristics.

Scientifically developed algorithms

Modern algorithms developed for scientific research: Our technology recognizes patterns among keywords and products and arranges them into meaningful groups. The members of these groups then learn from each other’s performance. Thanks to Bayesian statistics, the expected conversion rate can be calculated dynamically and in relation to the probability of specific keywords and products to convert. This enables Adference to predict future conversion rates early and with great accuracy – even for longtail keywords and products.

Bid Adjustments across All Device Types

Adference automatically calculates and sets device-specific bid adjustments on all ad group levels. To find the right bid, we look at the individual conversion rate, the expected basket value and the traffic share for every product and every device – desktop, mobile and tablet.

Fast setup and easy-to-use dashboard

No separate tracking needed. Register for Adference with your Google account and start optimizing the performance of your Google Ads right away. Avoid extensive training: Navigating the tool is entirely intuitive. In the central control unit – the cockpit – you will find the most important key performance indicators such as conversions, costs and revenues. The cockpit is also where you change your bidding strategy.

Manage Your Accounts All in the Same Place

Keep all of your accounts under one umbrella! Do you work in an agency or simply have multiple Google Ads accounts? Adference Bid Management allows you to access all of your accounts using a single login, saving you time by managing your target settings centrally.

Adference Conversion API

Use attribution data or information on your margins with Adference Conversion API. Adference is the first performance bid management system with a flexible data interface that automatically integrates attributed conversion data from all the major tracking services. Adference offers seamless integration with Google Ads Conversion Tracking, Google Analytics and external services such as EXACTAG and AdClear. If you are using one of these tracking systems, we are ready to connect them to our system. Our generic interface also allows you to submit customized conversion data from your own tracking to Adference.

Our support

Do you have questions about our technology? Are you unsure of whether we offer the solutions you are looking for? No problem! Our team of Google Ads experts and renowned data scientists are glad to help you with any marketing challenges. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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