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Bid Management
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Optimize your Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns with our fully automated tool

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Analyze the performance of your campaigns, ad groups, keywords and search terms over time

Campaign Management
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Create automated campaigns for your products

Keyword Management
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Add positive and negative keywords automatically

Fully Automated, Finally

Predictive Bid Optimization for Amazon PPC

No rules, no waiting, simply more sales

Adference’s leading predictive PPC technology automatically changes bids in your campaigns to improve your ACoS by increasing sales or lowering costs.

No more wasting time

Manual bid changes are no longer necessary for your Amazon PPC campaigns. Adference automatically reacts to changes in performance, in competition and due to seasonal effects.

Stay flexible

Group your Amazon PPC campaigns as a portfolio and select between various bidding strategies. Use priorities to create promotions, react to trends and adjust your ads to the demand in niche segments.

"Adference has been providing performance-leading bid optimization for paid search marketing for years. The Adference solution for Amazon PPC reflects that expertise. We are happy we have the chance to use it with select Finc3 Commerce customers from the first minute."

Tim Nedden, CEO & Consultant at Finc3 Commerce


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