Use Our Know-How to Your Advantage

Adference solves your individual marketing challenges, be it the early identification of campaigns that show high leads-to-sales-ratio or the right allocation of your advertising budgets in complex arbitrage models. Adference optimizes the management of your marketing activities with outstanding statistical models that can help you to update your business processes. Data from your internal marketing and business intelligence offer many points of contact for analysis.

Make the Most of Your Data

Vast amounts of advertising and CRM data are available for optimizing your marketing efforts. However, they are often not used to their full potential. Adference’s statistical models bring all of your data together and solve the individual challenges that you face. Whether you’re seeking support with developing key indicators that allow for the early identification of successful marketing measures or in need of assistance in customer clustering to guarantee great response from your CRM activities, Adference will find the right model for your challenge with the help of your data.

Implementation of New Components Into Your System

Adference takes your challenges as a starting point for developing new, individual solutions. New components are implemented into your running system, whether they are simple adjustments in your system or independent software modules. If desired, our solutions are fully automatized to help you with the daily management of your marketing activities. Adference analyzes, optimizes, and implements new solutions!

Scientific Know-How and Experience That Assure Quality

Adference has successfully developed and implemented a number of processes and models to optimize the management of marketing activities. The analysis of marketing processes is based on comprehensive scientific research and algorithms published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at various international symposia.

Use the full potential of your data!

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