Integrate your Marketing Silos

Insights into how your marketing channels, media spending, and CRM data relate, form the foundation of Adference’s attribution analysis (i.e., advertising effectiveness analysis) regardless of which tracking method you use. Our system works with Google Analytics tracking to monitor your sales and marketing activities and with the collection of advertising data based on single-user journeys via external tracking services.

Statistial Attribution: The Basis of Adference’s Media Optimization

Adference derives an individual statistical attribution model from the data that you provide. The model is key to developing best-practice advice that can help you to reach your individual targets, whether it’s the acquisition of new customers or optimizing your ROI.

Your Dashboard: All of the Information You Need in a Glance

All results are summarized on your online dashboard to help you to keep track of the de facto contribution of your marketing activities. Adference also provides you with all relevant figures (i.e., CPA or ROI) and shows you how close you’ve come to your targets.

Concrete Steps Toward the Right Decisions for Your Budgets

Advertisers rarely use their campaign’s advertising potential to the fullest, and we’re here to change that. Tailored to your advertising targets, Adference’s attribution models show you where your advertising budget is needlessly spent and in which channels you should invest more.

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