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Automatically Boost Your Google AdWords and Google Shopping Performance

Systems to automatically manage search engine advertising play a central role in every advertiser’s daily business by enabling the best bid for millions of keywords. Adference has developed an innovative bid management system informed by modern statistical models and algorithms. Our system knows how to make the most out of your search engine campaigns. Naturally, Adference is a licensed Google Partner.

Lean, Fast, and Only a Few Clicks Away

Adference Bid Management is different. No elaborate campaign management is required; all we offer is the right bids at the right time for your keywords. Active in the background, complex models factor in all available data, and the campaign targets you set to find the right bids for your campaigns. Simply access our Adference Bid Management system using your web browser—no complicated software required.

No Instruction Needed with Adference’s Easy-to-Use Cockpit

Adference’s Bid Management system is not a copy of Google AdWords. It provides all of the information that you need in a single glance, in addition to equipping you with complete control over your bids. With your central control unit—the cockpit—you’ll have all of the key figures, including conversions, costs, and revenues, at the ready. You can even change your bidding strategies. Our intuitively designed interface makes bid management easy.

Adference is a certified Google Partner

Prof. Dr. Burkhardt Funk

Prof. Dr. Burkhardt Funk

Academic Advisor

Why is Adference Bid Management so much better?

Modern Statistics for the Right Results

At Adference, we rely on the latest achievements in statistical modeling. Our scientific background and long-term collaboration with agencies and advertisers enables us to offer carefully thought-out software solutions.

Thanks to outstanding statistical models in the background, Adference SEA Bid Management shows unprecedented results in Google AdWords. Usually within days after the activation of our system, improvements become visible on your dashboard.

No Testing Budget Required: Get the Best Decision Every Time

With BayesCore™ technology, Adference does not need any testing budgets. Our system comes to the right decision at all times, by analyzing large amounts of data including the performance of various keywords, seasonal fluctuations, trends over time, and Google Analytics on-page data.

Bayesian Statistics and Simulation Techniques That Guarantee Success

The challenge in bid management lies in making the right decisions, informed by all available internal and contextual data. Unfortunately, no amount of data is enough to predict the performance of keywords with great precision, so we use Bayesian statistics and elaborate simulation techniques. We call them BayesCore™ —the core of our algorithms.

Optimizing for the Long Tail with A Priori Knowledge

BayesCore™ technology makes it possible to reliably forecast the long-term performance of single keywords, even when data availability is low—for instance, in campaigns with many long-tail keywords. To get accurate results, we inform our algorithms with data that serve as a priori knowledge.



€0 to €10.000

per month*

Starter Package: Optimize your Search and Shopping campaigns using our self-service.


€10.001 to €100.000

of your optimized AdWords budget*

Our Pro Package includes personal support for medium-sized and large advertisers.


above €100.001

Individual Offer

We offer flexible solutions to large businesses with individual needs.

*Your 30-day trial of Adference Bid Management is free of charge and non-binding. Within your trial month, you are free to terminate the contract at any time. After the 30-day period, the fee for using Adference Bid Management amounts to €249/month with a 12-month commitment to the contract. The stated price applies per AdWords account and is directed at advertisers and businesses exclusively.